Session 5 Video 5


Here is this weeks video! 

1. Lysa tells a story of her experience on the plane with young man excited to see his mom.  Have we lost the capacity to see the joy around us?  Have we lost the capacity to celebrate what God has given us becasue we are distracted by what we can't have?

There are a few ways you can approach this particular study:

Option 1:  Just watch the videos, read the blog and comment at will.  No additional purchases necessary and lots of good information.

Option 2: All of the above, but purchase the Made to Crave Participant's Guide.  This guide has some great additional assessments, studies and reflections you can do during the week.  Some of the material we share with you will be from this book.

Option 3: All of the above plus purchasing the original Made to Crave book.  This book deals with the, "how do I get motivated" aspect in more depth than the videos or workbook alone.