The Way: Scripture as a Part of Your Story


My husband and I live in my grandparents old house. On the wall down the hallway, there is a spot where my grandfather penciled on the date the house was built. In the front room sits a desk that I often found my grandmother sewing at most afternoons when we came to visit. Out back, a boardwalk leads to the water where a dock used to stand, a dock I learned to fish on and that we hope to rebuild one day. The house has little reminders all around it that this house was and continues to be a part of my story. 

Perhaps one of my favorite reminders of this is the giant wood and glass cabinet that stand in my living room. On the top shelf, carefully tucked up high are stacks of old books. Included among them, old family Bibles. Some are so old and worn from age and use that the ink will rub off in your hands if you aren’t careful. 

This past summer, I got to visit the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a newer museum, full of incredible interactive and high-tech rooms to help visitors learn the history of scripture as well as a chance to interact with it in a relevant, living way. And in that museum, I encountered more old Bibles and scrolls of scripture—ones that were much older than anything sitting in my cabinet at home. But what I was so enamored by as I walked the museums was how much God’s word has meant to people all over the world, in a variety of life experiences, contexts, cultures, and situations. And even though it was a museum with lots of things behind glass, I felt reminded that this text, is surely alive. 

Sometimes reading scripture can feel so foreign to us. Maybe we feel overwhelmed by its complexity. Perhaps it has been used to hurt us in the past. For some of us, it was never a part of our lives before beginning a journey of faith.  It’s easy for us to approach it as if it is separate from our stories, just text on a page, information to help us walk through life.

But, as we were reminded this week during our series, The Way, the Bible is not about information, it is about relationship. And as Christians, scripture isn’t just words on a page to be kept on a shelf or behind glass to only be handled with delicate white gloves. Scripture is part of our story! The people in it and the words spoken by God to them are our living history. Scripture allows us to experience God by engaging with God in the greatest story ever told - a story he is still telling through me and you right now. 

When I started approaching Scripture with the assurance that the words on the page are a part of my story, the same way I am reminded of my own family history in my house, my heart grew deeply and quickly. I felt it attaching itself to the people, the stories, the Psalms, the Gospels, and every place in between. Reading scripture has shaped my heart in ways I have never expected. It has grown me, comforted me, challenged me, and stretched me. 

We are part of the most incredible story. We are so lucky to have it at our fingertips any moment of any day. So when we read it, may we always remember it is alive and may we allow it to shape our story in ways we never expected.  

Ashley Black

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