Worship +2: 777 Worship Street

  • Beautiful Multi-Room House with a unified theme.

  • A living room, pleasant for game play, conversation, musical instrument practice, relaxing and meditating.

  • Kitchen for food prep, and learning to work side by side.

  • Dining room for restoring meals, time together, homework, and study.

  • Basement shop for crafts, DIY hobbies, sacred and secular.

  • Upstairs laundry, to care for the clothing to protect and accentuate the body.

  • Bedrooms for privacy, restoration, regeneration, and rest.

  • Study for work, paying bills, reading and praying.

House of worship, which is possible in every room and by all types of activities listed, plus many more you might think of. Children, pets, garage bands, stamp-collectors and motor-heads all welcome. Available for immediate move in and no-cost lease available all days of the week. No previous experience required. All are welcome. Square footage is infinite.

Marshall Webber

Media TeamComment