New Blog Format


Hello everyone,

We are very excited to be launching a new blog format!  This won't change the anything for you except to make it a better experience; commenting on the new blog should be MUCH easier!! We always love it when we are able to share together in community online as well as in person! Don't worry you will still receive it in your email inbox twice a week, but when you click through it will look a bit different. We would love to hear your feedback!

We hope you are enjoying the blog.  It is exciting to be able to share experiences from both campuses; this is an awesome way to continue to connect with each other even if we are different locations.  Each blog will also feature a "podcast" button which will allow you to watch or listen to the message from both campuses.  

We hope that reading and at times responding to these blogs helps you carry the message throughout the week, allowing us apply God's truth, refine each other and grow closer to Jesus!



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