Great Summer Reads: David & Goliath and Facing Our Giants


In the beginning of Jeff's message this past Sunday, he makes a reference to Pastor Rick's take away from the Sunday before “Small things matter to God” (the story of Gideon) and Jeff adds “And so do giant things.” The word giant brings to mind the story of David and Goliath, which is in the Old Testament, 1 Samuel 17. Goliath the Giant .... HUGE! David the shepherd .... TRUSTING.                                                                           ,

Pastor Jeff asked the question, “What are the giants in your life?” Things that look overwhelming. I remembered when I was at a regular bible study small group gathering when one of the ladies mentioned that they really needed tutors for a program (Urban Mission Fellowship) in Camden. I would be helping kids with homework, to study for exams and love on them. God whispered, “You're free on Tuesdays.”  As Tuesday drew closer, I began to feel more and more nervous because academics weren't my strong suit, but God nudged me on. I met up with the other ladies and as we drove, my continual prayer was “God, you brought me here, you need to give me what I need."

When in Camden, I would gladly volunteer for any word search, coloring projects and spelling sentences but, NO math! I had managed to wing it for a couple of months then one afternoon one of the kids needed help with multiplication flash cards, “I can do that,” I thought! The little girl did great and she knew them all but I wasn't expecting her to say, "Now, let's test you!" OH NO! I was right back at my kitchen table as a little girl with my Dad, who would be very patient but, would get frustrated as I would begin to forget the correct answer and reluctantly I said, "OK," and she began. Then all of a sudden the sunlight shined brightly through the window and I was able to read the answers on the other side.

Late, when I told my son this story, he said, "So, God had you cheat?” NO, God answered my prayer: He gave me what I needed. From that day forward my insecurity about my academic abilities (my Giant) was gone! When one of the children would come up to me for help in a subject that I wasn't strong in, I would direct them to one of the other tutors. But there was no more shame!

So what are some of the giants that are in your life? Jeff mentioned a few: a painful past, a toxic relationship, or fear of the future. Then Jeff reminded us, "There is no giant so powerful that it can overcome God's purpose."

Donna McCallion



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