Our Vision

What is this place

called HOPE?


We’re a group of people who love Jesus without pretense. Having received a profound grace we didn't deserve, we worship, share and serve with openness and humility.  HOPE Church is place of belonging. 

At HOPE visitors are always expected. We invite you to give HOPE a try by attending a service at one of our campuses.  We would love to help you get connected. Find a unique place to volunteer, engage your family in our thriving kids and students programs, and grow in your faith. If you’re facing a difficult season, HOPE Church is a safe place to get practical help.

If you are interested in processing your doubts and beliefs or exploring Christianity, we welcome you to visit us on Sundays, at one of our events, or in one of our discussion groups.


We believe that God desires deep connection with people, and so we meet with Him Sunday mornings and throughout the week. We worship him with our songs, our time, our talents and our  story. We fling open our doors to anyone who wants to know God better. 

We are a United Methodist Church. This roots us in a rich tradition of following Jesus and personal growth. As United Methodists, we experience and offer God's grace as we endeavor to express God's love in the world around us

We are a people that take God at his word. We are light-bringers, rebels with the gospel, who go outside of "religion" where Jesus is facilitating restoration. We err on the side of grace; and because we have received the extravagant love of Jesus, we love extravagantly. 

HOPE is place of belonging, discovery, and growth, rooted in both deep tradition and radical love.