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    What Did Jeff Say?

    10 Commandments from Your Family of Origin from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazarro Our families leave an imprint on our soul regarding a wide array of life issues and …

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    Emotionally Healthy Sprituality

    New! Small Group to Begin Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Based on the best-selling book by Peter Scazzero, this small group will help participants understand why you can’t be spiritually mature while …

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    Here at HOPE, we serve others as an expression of our faith in Jesus Christ … to be salt and light to the world. We believe the church is designed …

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    Forever … A Marriage Event

    Forever It’s the most important promise we make. Our relationship with our spouse can be both challenging and rewarding! Forever is a marriage event on Saturday, February 20th from 4pm …

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      H7 is a component-based series of sessions that will fit your busy schedule. All sessions meet  Sundays at 9am in HOPE’s Chapel and may be taken in any order. …

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