A Way Forward

HOPE Church welcomes all, including members of the LGBTQ community. Everyone, no matter where they are in life’s journey, can find a home at HOPE including our gay, lesbian and trans brothers and sisters in Christ.

A word from our lead Pastor jeff bills

In this video , Pastor Jeff Bills shares his thoughts on the recent vote by United Methodist Special Conference.

HOPE Church has developed 5 Principles of Community which is a road map to maintaining unity in the midst of conflict.

You’re Invited to a Bible Study: What does the Bible say about human sexuality? Led by Randy Petersen

The issue of homosexuality has become contentious among church people, and we expect it will become more so among Methodists in the coming year. We want to prepare for that by examining the Scriptures. What does the Bible really say, and how should we interpret it? In this three-part study, we’ll look at the handful of passages that speak directly to the issue, but we’ll also explore pertinent teachings on love, law and grace, holiness, marriage, and church unity. This is not about indoctrination or proving points, but about humbly and lovingly exploring God’s Word together.

Dates and time to be announced soon!

a word from our bishop

Bishop John R. Schol is the Resident Bishop of the Greater New Jersey Area, which includes the Greater New Jersey Conference in the Northeastern Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church, where HOPE Church is a member.

Video: Bishop John Schol: Meeting on the Way Forward-HOPE Church

A letter from Bishop John Schol about the outcome of the Special Conference.